A starting point for Christian writers

Do you feel called to write for Jesus? Perhaps somebody told you that you haveĀ  a talent for putting words together, and things that you write tend to encourage others in their faith. Or maybe you just love to write and want to find some way to use this passion for the glory of God.

Whatever your story, WritingForJesus.org will challenge you, encourage you and strengthen you on this journey of Christian writing. This website is still in development, and planned topics include:

  • Putting writing in the proper context in the Christian walk
  • The power of words for expanding the kingdom of God and strengthening the Body of Christ
  • Bible studies on the use of storytelling
  • Introductions to the variety of genres and places that your writing can be used
  • Exercises and self-assessments to determine your unique focus
  • Profiles of successful Christian writers
  • And more…

Please check back soon or sign up now for our RSS feed to receive our articles when we launch the site! For more information, email editor [at] writingforjesus [.org].